Don’t do it alone – exercise with a friend instead

Dont go it alone – exercise with a friend instead

One thing that puts a lot of people off exercise is the thought that they will have to ‘go it alone’ – whether it’s pounding the treadmill, or cycling endless miles on country roads. Taking the decision to change your lifestyle to one that involves exercise is the right thing to do – and it’s even better if you can persuade someone you know to start the exercise journey with you.

Not convinced? Here are five top reasons why exercising with a partner is more beneficial than exercising alone:

Be accountable to someone other than yourself

If you begin an exercise routine on your own, and you give up after a week or two, then who does it effect? That’s right – just you. You can always start again in a couple of weeks … but then those couple of weeks become a month, then two months, then six months …

When you train with a partner, it’s not just you you’re letting down if you give up. If you exercise with someone, during one year you are likely to do a staggering seventy-eight percent more exercise than if you train alone. Letting down a friend is much more harder than letting down yourself.

It’s more fun when you’re not alone

Chess, table tennis, arm wrestling … three pastimes that are infinitely less enjoyable when you play on your own. The same goes for exercise.

Additionally, exercise with a partner becomes less of a chore and more of a social experience. You can also enjoy each other’s company and motivate each other to reach new levels of fitness.

You’re more likely to try something new if someone is trying something new with you

Think of your first day at ‘big school’ – did you go in alone, or with friends? If you did do it alone, then how much better would it have been if they’d been someone there with you? If you did do it with friends, how horrible would it have been if they hadn’t been there?

It’s the same with taking up a new exercise. Walking into – say – a martial arts class for the first time on your own is much harder than walking in with someone by your side.

Your partner can see how you are doing

It’s much harder to spot the mistakes you are making yourself, than it is for someone close to you to spot them. If you’re on a piece of gym equipment and your approach is incorrect, your partner will be able to see this and offer you corrective advice.

Being competitive can help you set goals

Exercise is more beneficial if you set goals. If you run a mile in twelve minutes, by next month try to run a mile in eleven. However, if you have a training partner whom is faster, fitter or thinner than you, matching or even surpassing them can be an easy goal for you to aim for. Nobody really wants to trail in last all the time. You may never be able to surpass your training partner in terms of fitness, but the closer you get, the better you will feel.

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