Annette Elliot

Hannah has been my personal trainer for oneyear. She listened attentively to my problems as I have recently had a ligament replacement in the knee. So Hannah has thoroughly researched this condition and applied her research to include appropriate exercises in her lesson plan, so that there is still a building up of the muscle groups but no harm done. She is punctual and cheerful and flexible re times as I can’t always make the time as I am a psychotherapist. She never criticises me, is very encouraging thereby helping me to stay the course. She has given me good dietary advice with good results ensuing. She came very well recommended by a friend who had worked with her at the gym. I at that time could not face returning to a gym. I disliked exercise and I really disliked gyms. In fact I was a gym hater. Now I really look forward to our weekly meetings. I really recommend Hannah as a personal trainer.

Shane Lask

Hannah has been my personal trainer for a number of years, both in and out of the gym. Her approach is just what it says ‘personal’ to your specific needs. She will plan your exercises and tailor them to your ability level on the day. I might have some issues with my back or my knees or both! Hannah will try to address the problems and build up muscle groups, or suggest stretches as necessary. She has a flexible approach to training. I wondered how training out of a gym would work, but we still manage to cover the range of cardio and weights, using the equipment she brings and the natural resources that my home supplies.Hannah is also happy to offer a holistic approach concerning my general health and wellbeing. She massages me and as my trainer is aware of which parts of my body need attention. She has been able to recommend other therapies (e.g. a chiropractor who I see regularly), and she has even told me about some healthy recipes. I feel that we have become friends because she has such a lovely approach to her work. She endeavours to be a role model , but is realistic if we have bumps along the road. Most importantly she has never given up on me and offers different ways to keep me motivated. I even enjoy the sessions with her, despite the fact that she makes me work hard.I am considering trying bootcamp! I would highly recommend anyone to employ Hannah as their personal trainer/sports masseur.

Carol Willmer

I first met Hannah a few years ago when she was recommended to me for deep therapeutic massage. Due to stress in several areas of my life, my neck and shoulder muscles were so ‘knotted’ that my neck movement was impaired and through regular intensive massage by Hannah my neck and shoulders were ‘freed up’ and I am so much better. Over the years I have received this treatment from other physiotherapists and she is definitely one of the best I have encountered. Some therapists cannot get deep enough into the muscle tissues but she works on them well. Additionally, in January 2013, after a road traffic accident in October 2012, she gave me intensive physiotherapy on my right ankle, which had been broken in 3 places, to supplement the NHS physiotherapy that I was having. Through weekly massage and stretching techniques she enabled me to become much more mobile, and much more quickly, than my Consultant expected. I have known Hannah for several years now and during that time she has shown herself to be a very skilled therapist. She is very professional, yet open and friendly, and she cares for the complete health of her clients. She advises on exercise, she is a highly respected fitness trainer, and she advises on nutrition. She is a very caring and lovely girl and if you have fitness training or physiotherapy or therapeutic massage from her you will be very well looked after indeed.

Jen Young

Hannah is the ultimate professional in terms of designing and implementing varied and interesting personal training sessions but she also has the soft skills required to motivate and inspire her clients to want to achieve their goals, even when all we really want to do is collapse in a heap! Since beginning personal training with Hannah in January I feel fitter and stronger than ever before and always finish each session enthused and feeling physically and mentally healthier. Hannah has been a lifeline to me in the lead up to my wedding, always encouraging but tough when required and I unreservedly recommend her personal training, massage and healthy eating knowledge and expertise to anyone looking for a more challenging and rigorous fitness regime than you would ever achieve on your own in the gym. If you’re still not convinced, come and give her bootcamps a try – the benefits of the battle ropes have to be experienced to be believed!

Ian Standen

I train with Hannah on a regular basis. I have one to one weekly personal training at home and I join in the group Saturday morning bootcamp that she organises in the park. Both of these sessions are well structured, tailored to my personal goals and above all enjoyable. Hannah’s advice and encouragement over the past few months have boosted my fitness and stamina levels and combined with dietary advice has also resulted in me losing a few excess pounds. I am very pleased with the results!

Myles Davidson

I turned to the notion of Personal Training as gym’s were no longer working (meaning: always a reason not to go). Booking one hour a week was the catalyst I needed to start getting back to a sense of fitness. The initial sessions were a real wake-up call; the aches in the following days a reminder to how far I had slipped. This kicked me into adding a few runs in between weekly sessions and then bootcamp came along! Two all over body workouts (which are always different) has given me the desire to adopt a more ‘healthy’ lifestyle and has resulting in dropping a stone in weight and counting.