If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time to make a change.

Join my group training sessions at Whitehall Recreation Ground, Bromley on
Tuesday mornings at 9.00am, Tuesday evenings at 7pm, Wednesday mornings at 9.00am and Saturday mornings at 9.30am.

Specify your goals, train hard, meet new people and have some fun!

An introduction to Personal Training and Bootcamps


Think about what needs to change and then find a solution that fits in with your lifestyle.

Outdoor training is an excellent way to exercise with an eclectic group of people, who will encourage, motivate and inspire you to achieve your potential.  It is well known that outdoor training gains excellent results because of the affects it has on your muscles, cardio and respiratory systems. Benefits include:

  • A constantly changing environment which stimulates your brain
  • Vitamin D provided by exposure to the sun, which is good for your immune system and bones
  • Psychological benefits, which reduce anxiety and high levels of stress associated with our busy and demanding life styles.
  • Exercising outdoors is physically more challenging than running on a treadmill in a gym, because varying terrain and inclement weather offers different challenges and engages different muscle groups.

It is both fun and demanding and achieves tangible results.

Valkyrie outdoor training sessions last for an hour and include:

Mobility drills
Kettle Bells
Body weight exercises
High intensity drills
Battle ropes
All over body conditioning and fat loss
Sessions are available:
Whitehall Recreation Ground
Tuesday (Boxing) - 9.00am
Tuesday - 7.00pm
Wednesday - 9.00am
Saturday - 9.30am
Ladies Running Club
Every Friday at 9.30am, a mixed ability group of runners meet each week, from various starting locations in Bromley. The objective is for a group of like-minded women to run, interspersed with running drills and various body weight exercises, which improves your running technique in a social and motivating environment. These sessions include both on and off road running and have proved very popular, inspiring clients to improve their fitness and achieve their goals.
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With Valkyrie Personal Training and Massage, there are weekly bootcamps and running clubs held in Bromley, Sundridge Park and Otford – contact me for more details by calling on 07973 483314 or send me an email via the contact page by clicking here.