As a personal trainer and sports massage therapist I have worked with a wide range of male and female clients, of all ages and abilities, in Kent, London and the South East and as a form of motivation and encouragement for my clients and for potential new clients I wanted to start publishing some case studies to show what can be done with a little dedication and commitment, whilst fitting it in around busy lifestyles.


I’ve been running my bootcamps now for just about a year, and thought I would interrogate one of my devoted, regular clients on how she was finding them and how it was benefiting her life. Hayley comes two, maybe three times a week and her enthusiasm for training is awesome. Here is what she had to say: “I have always enjoyed fitness in some form or another throughout my life. Gymnastics / swimming / running / karate to name but a few of the many sports that I have thrown myself into. Then marriage and motherhood come along and like many other mothers, we get into our daily routines and fitness is far from our minds. Two years ago was my turning point. I was diagnosed with Hyperparathyroidism, and consequently had two tumours removed – from my neck and chest. I never realised as to how this had affected me physically. It had depleted my calcium and my energy levels! So once the nasty critters had been removed and as soon as I was well enough, I wanted to get strong again build my strength and fitness and make me able to deal with what lies ahead… Hannah Cole walked into my life and hasn’t left since. From our first bootcamp together on Keston Common to now – which is training up to three times a week. I have the “Bug”. I love training outside in all weathers, rain, snow – whatever the weather I will be there and so will Hannah. Hannah knows me well enough by now and how to keep me motivated and push me even harder than I push myself. The person that has emerged feels physically strong and is full of energy, and every day is a challenge to push myself further. I can’t wait for the next session. Thank you Hannah for getting me back up there! And I can only get better from here!! Watch this space!”


Ian Standen is one of my long-standing, loyal clients who, I have been training for the last 4 years (give or take). I originally took over training Ian from another trainer who was leaving the gym I was working at, at the time. He had already been trained by a variety of trainers so I felt like the pressure was on initially to prove myself to be better then the rest. I can’t have done too bad as we are still training today and Ian’s wife Debbie also began training with me having never really participated in exercise before. Both have continued to go from strength to strength and shape up whilst training, and continued their efforts with me when leaving the gym to find new challenges training at their home and doing outdoor training on Saturday’s bootcamp. Ian, hopefully, won’t mind me saying that he’s never really had any major health/fitness goals apart from to lose weight and get fit. Which he has done both. However, more recently he has pushed himself cycling, and around November/December time he entered the Cancer Research Winter 10km Run in London which was held on Sunday 1st February. He also suggested I do it, as my training had taken a back step through a groin injury, and I’m not a massive fan of running if honest but like to be able to do it ha ha! Anyway, with some more specific training, Ian smashed his goal on Sunday and completed the 10km in seconds just over the hour. Which is fantastic as his original goal was to do 1.10hr, and having not run 10km since 2012 he also just wanted to get round. A few of my running ladies also took part and we all beat our personal goals, so was a fantastic day all round. I’m really proud of Ian as nothing seems to phase him and he pushes the boundaries more and more, and is probably a lot fitter now in his fifties then he ever was in his forties. Next year he’s going to do it in under an hour…and that’s going to be dragging Debbie round as well…next challenge!!


As a form of motivation and encouragement for my clients and for potential new clients I wanted to start publishing some case studies to show what can be done with a little dedication and commitment, whilst fitting it in around busy lifestyles. I’m not going to lie it can be hard work and does take a bit of time to prep, but once organized and formed a habit then things can flow into place. Therefore, I thought I would begin with myself … argh!! I have struggled with my weight for many years, and, I guess part of my quest of starting Valkyrie, is I don’t want my clients to have this same struggle. But it has taken me, probably years to understand my body, and now realisation that you can’t out train a bad diet and that mindset is a powerful thing. We can make excuse after excuse, or be bored, stressed, tired, angry etc. but none of these are legitimate reasons not to eat well. We have to own responsibility as plenty of other people do and stop telling ourselves stories and just get on and do it. This may sound harsh, but it is true and is said with feeling because I want them/you to succeed and we should all want to succeed, as I want to succeed too. Our journeys are personal and mine is constantly moving … hopefully now more forward as opposed to sideways! Earlier this year I spoke to a nutritionist who was starting an ‘8 week beach body project group’ which involved watching the macros you eat (carbs, proteins and fats) and devising how much each of us need individually, for example 100g of carbs, 160g of protein, and 80g fat, which was affected by our training days and sensitivities to certain foods. We joined a private facebook group for support and had weekly webinars we could listen to about different relative topics. I initially joined up to see how it worked, so to do something similar with my clients, as well as seeing what results I could get. However, as much as this is something I would still consider, working with such a knowledgeable nutritionist really opened my eyes to different ideas and fears and phobias I’ve had in the past about certain foods etc, as well as how good it is working with a nutritionist. In 8 weeks I lost 3kg, about 6 and a half pounds, and changed shape due to consistent training. There is still much more I’d like to achieve, and I have the tools now to do it, but life does get in the way sometimes … or does it?!?! Below are my before and after photos

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