Live for Now

I thought I would hate the transition from Summer to Autumn to Winter as I just love the sun and the long days, but you know what it hasn’t been that bad, and this mild weather is great really, and it’s the start of feeling cosy and actually wanting to sit in with a cup of tea and watch tv.  That is after the work and the training has been done though ha ha!

I guess this is an example of trying to live for now, and adapting and not wishing the days away, and for the spring and summer to come again.  I would say that most of us spend so much time living in the past or looking to the future that we actually forget to live for the moment and enjoy each day.  My private group have been talking about weight loss and happiness and actually trying to figure out what that is, and is this idea in our heads just making us unhappy and making the dream of happiness so elusive that we will never find it.

We say we will be happier if lose a stone, or if fit in that particular dress, or start running, even though don’t particularly enjoy running.  Why can’t we accept where we are and be happy in ourselves and anything else is a bonus.  I’m asking you, but I’m the same, and when you actually think about what you are doing at this present moment it’s hard.  You could be thinking about what chores you have to do in the morning, or fretting about not having enough time to fit in some exercise, or worrying about what you ate earlier.  STOP!! Try and enjoy the moment, or live in the moment anyway.

I guess it all goes back to being mindful and grateful, and putting things into perspective.  If you lost a stone, fab, but you know what you look gorgeous now (yes even you boys).  That dress may still be a bit tight, but you know what you’ve found a nicer one.  Power walking is much more your thing and sometimes you like stopping and doing ten press ups (sorry getting carried away now!!). You are going to have that piece of cake and enjoy every mouthful of it. You are going to start enjoying training for what it is and the feeling of being stronger, fitter and healthier and not that you need to do 41 burpees to burn off a creme egg!!

Enjoy the moment and see how you feel.

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