Are you a Success?

What a fab morning for Batman Bootcamp! I almost didn’t make the cut and would have had to have done burpees the whole session, but thankfully a batman t-shirt saved me, and actually worked really well with the rest of the team.

They trained hard in their masks, and capes were flying in the wind as they sprinted round the park and swung kettle bells.  Raife of course was wearing the best batman outfit, but hopefully we did him proud and made him smile.

A massive thank you to the guys who show up again and again.

Are you a success? What does success mean to you?  I posted a photo on my Facebook page the other day and it had quite a lot of likes, but also it opened people’s eyes to different aspects of their life, and one for my private group in particular about maybe losing sight of what actually being successful is, in a certain area of their life (which inevitably will affect the other areas).

We spend so much time worrying about our weight, and what we look like and how many calories (or dare I say points) in certain foods, or what the scales say, have we lost sight of what being successful means to us as individuals.

My job is to help people get fitter, train them hard but also make it enjoyable, learn to be healthier, learn to decrease and get rid of bad habits, help with their mindset……this also applies to myself.  What makes me successful is being happy in myself, pushing my business forward and ultimately getting results from my clients, whether they have lost a pound, run round the park for the first time, or managed to get them to sit down and enjoy their dinner, rather then woof it down in front of the tv and then look for more to eat.  Being successful is embracing the process rather then fearing it and then blaming others when they fall at the first hurdle.

I have a lot to accomplish, but I’m definitely more green then red.  Be happy, be successful…or be successful and be happy…goes hand in hand.

How about you?

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