Just 3 Little Things

Hope you have all had a good week?  Even though the nights are drawing in and the mornings will be darker soon too, you soon adapt and despite, personally, being a summer person the change of season is quite nice and you start to feel cosy and get to layer up a bit.   Even outdoor training in the dark and damp can be fun!!

I wanted to elaborate on a video post I did about 3 key things to help you reach your goals, and maybe the reason why you aren’t reaching your goals.  I had been chatting to a lady whilst walking the dog about why she never saw any changes whilst training with another trainer (could be the answer ha ha!), but felt like I had a moment of clarity about it, even though it is stuff that we do all really know.  So what are they?

1. Take Action
2. Be Consistent
3. Get Support

If you want to achieve a level of fitness or lose some weight or generally aren’t happy, then only you can do something about it.  You need to get active and look at your food intake, so choose something that you like doing, or to get you started.  Whether that is walking round the block, joining us at outdoor training, going to zumba.  Schedule it in, weekly, then keep doing it.  Don’t just do it for a couple of weeks and then stop, or don’t just think you are being good during the week and then go nuts at the weekend with alcohol or takeaways.  Take action of eating well, exercising and then keep doing it.

I think most importantly is get support, and ditch the people who don’t!! Might sound harsh, but will do you a world of good!  Ask your family to join in or keep you going! Join a Facebook group, or community where you are with like minded people, so when you are having a blip then a cry for help is always answered as you aren’t alone!

If keen to be part of something, then message me about our private Facebook group and our training sessions if not involved already!!!


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