Can you curb the craving?

So the elements have hit us this week, I’m beginning to wonder if it is me, as the cold seem to hit as I spent 10 hours driving last Thursday to Manchester, and then flew to Malaga, Spain on Friday where it started out sunny and then pretty much rained most of the weekend, with a few dry spells.  Still was warmer then here ha ha! This week most of my sessions outside have been rained on…….but you know what, once you get over that initial ‘oh no it’s raining!’ it’s fine and you forget about it as get hot and sweaty and it’s almost….dare I say….fun!!  I still think you should try it.

We are on week 2 of our challenge, and I have stayed the same with my progress which is good considering the over indulgence I had over the weekend.  It did make me wonder though, is it worth it?  I drank Sangria and ate pasta, which I never normally do, and it was lovely…..but was it lovely enough?  I felt terrible the next day as just not used to it, and I could have had a lovely bit of fish or steak but the novelty of having pasta took over! I do think I may think twice next time though, I just really fancied it.

This brings me nicely to my topic of conversation for the week, which is about what to do when get cravings? Even though some of my clients are doing great in changing habits or reaching goals I’ve had a few clients say to me this week that they have struggled with just wanting to eat if fed up, or bored, or had a bad day.  It’s too easy to reach for something not particularly healthy to eat or something alcoholic to drink.  This hinders weight loss though, and you feel rubbish for not getting closer to your goals and then the vicious cycle repeats itself.

Changing habits are hard, and that is what it is, a bad habit.  This is one of the key things of reaching goals.

  1. Control Cravings!  If you are going to lose weight you must have something that knocks out cravings and hopefully it’s something you enjoy having.
  2. Change habits! If you are going to make long-term weight loss change you must deal with the behavioral routines that sabotage your results.

You also need to be kind to yourself in the process, and pick yourself up when you do fall for temptation, but keep life simple but satisfying.  So have a protein shake for breakfast if rushing around.  If you are going to make your lunch or buy something, just have a salad with lots of protein rather then thinking shall I have this or this etc. You take away the decision making for lunch, and take away a potential mid morning craving by having something sweetish at breakfast but also filling.

Develop alternative solutions to beat habits.  For example if always have a glass of wine whilst watching tv in the evening to relax, have a bath first maybe.  The association of having a glass of wine is gone, as not watching the tv.  See if it works.  If it doesn’t straight away then don’t beat yourself up, just keep trying to find alternatives to beat the pairing of bad habit with something.

Hope that makes sense?  Give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

In the meantime get yourself or invite a friend to some outdoor training at Whitehall Rec.  Tuesday evenings at 7pm, Wednesday mornings at 9.30am, and Saturday mornings at 9.30am, with the potential of some more regular spots….watch this space!

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