Where has the time gone?

Hey everyone, I hope you have had a fab week and getting into the festive spirit….whether that means starting the festivities of eating and drinking or just buying lots of presents.  Either way I hope you are having fun!

I’ve had a lovely couple of evenings out with my running ladies, and some of my clients.  It was the first time I’d actually ever really organised a social gathering of not shouting at people, so will be great to carry on this new tradition each year and got more and more people out!

Can you believe we are a week from Christmas though! I guess we say the same thing every year but it still catches me by surprise, and people are busy so the excuses start following of I’ll start in the new year, or I’ll give up this when Christmas is over.  Why do you have to give up anything (apart from cigarettes maybe), if you can incorporate it into your lifestyle with it being detrimental.

I guess I’m trying to say is what are you waiting for? Why not start running now if that’s what you want to do.  If you are busy fit in a short run, if you know you are going to eat lots, still go out for a run.  If you are going to start a new training regime, fair enough if you are over indulging then it’s not going to help get you certain aesthetic results but it’s still a step forward.

Live for now, I preaching this to you but I know I need to do this myself as I’ve recently got lost in when I do this or when I’m that, or when Christmas is over!!!! That’s no way to live, and it’s a hard habit to break, but we can do this.  So start enjoying each day rather then looking forward to the weekend.  Start enjoying each training session….or at least that feeling when it’s over.  Start enjoying eating that food as you know it tastes good, and if it’s a bit over indulgent you have done something active to make you feel better about it!

Everyday is special and sometimes something happens to make us put it into perspective, but don’t wait for that moment, realise it now, and live every minute of it!


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