How to avoid the Christmas bulge

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Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat … and so may you if you don’t watch your Christmas calories. If you’ve been working hard all year you’ve every right to indulge, but you don’t want to have to start the new year with a festive belly to take care of.


Avoid the Christmas bulge with these top tips.

1 – Don’t neglect your exercise routine

Exercising can be tough in winter. People don’t like the cold, and gym close their doors for the holidays. Make sure you devise an exercise plan for December and stick to it. At the minimum, create a maintenance plan that involves at least an hour of steady work four times a week.

2 – Bring your own food to Christmas parties

People who organise Christmas parties don’t put people who like to keep trim at the top of their priorities – it’s all about pigging out! If you’re going to a party where only fatty fare is likely to be available, take your own, healthy alternatives.

3 – Work hard before your festive function

If you do have an event planned where you’re afraid you might be enticed to over-indulge, then be pre-emptive and ‘treat’ yourself to a tough workout before the event, so you get your calories burnt before you’ve eaten them!

4 – Eat small, not large

Not eating all day because you’ve a major meal ahead of you is never a good idea. It’s much better to eat four or five small meals a day to keep your metabolism ticking over. When it comes to your meal, fill up on veg and fruit instead of nuts and chocolate.

5 – Don’t get bored

It can be hard to stay motivated during winter, especially when it gets cold and icy. Find a gym or some activity that you can perform indoors. Boredom is always a great excuse to over-indulge.

6 – Alcohol is not calorie free!

We all tend to drink a little more over Christmas – that’s fine as long as you include your calories in your dieting regime – each pint of lager is around 250 calories, and a bottle of wine will set you back between 500 and 600 calories.

7 – There’s no excuse to ignore your race calendar

Just because it’s winter does not mean there’s no races – far from it in fact! Book in for a festive race and it will both give you something to aim for, and a reason to train.

8 – Don’t abuse your body

You’ve worked hard all year to keep fit and in shape. Respect that effort, and respect yourself and your body. You can indulge, but be reasonable, and be sensible.

9 – Be aware of the nibbles

If you spend your time at parties near the crisps and nuts, you’re more likely to eat a handful … and then another handful … and then another handful … and pretty soon you’ve scoffed a thousand calories you have to work off. Go and stand someplace else!

10 – Don’t forget to hydrate

You will not sweat so much when you’re exercising in winter, so it can be difficult to remember to rehydrate. You lose just as much water though, so keep drinking as you exercise, and if running outdoors, take some food as well as your body will be using energy to keep warm.

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