Taking it for Granted

So I hurt my back last week as you know, and the weekend was pretty much spent lying down with a hot water bottle on my lower back if not walking the dog.  I have only ever suffered with a bit of aching before in the back, nothing this serious, so you can imagine how frustrating it must be when you aren’t exactly sure what you have done, what you did to do it and now you can’t do much!!

It made me think how we do take the little things for granted though, like being able to train.  A friend of mine had a freak accident a couple of months ago and smashed both his knee caps.  He’s only now just started walking again after an operation and being in leg casts for 8 weeks.  How easy is it to be able to go out for a walk or a run. A lot of us spend so much time trying to motivate ourselves to get up and do some training that we don’t think about the benefits or it physically and mentally, let alone the fact that what if we could’t do it.

I have been so caught up in work stuff etc and putting training off more and more that when I actually couldn’t do anything it made me remember how much I do enjoy training (most of the time ha ha).

This post isn’t just about getting out there and making the most of doing some training, it’s a time of year when we do take things and people for granted and it would be good to just take a moment and be grateful for it all…….hmmm I think we have talked about this before.

Anyway, above is Jess demonstrating a great elevated press up and swing.  How about you try a quick 20 minute circuit of these fab exercise doing 20secs of work, followed by 10 seconds recovery.  Repeat 8 times, have a one minute breather and the do another 3 circuits.  Easy, all body workout.  If you haven’t a kettle bell to swing, do some squat jumps, or dare I say burpees instead.

Have fun 🙂

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