What’s Your Goal?


Ive had a bit of an achy week shall we say. Thought I would finally pull my finger out and get in some decent training again, and since Monday’s training I have hardly been able to move ha ha! It wasn’t just that I challenged my body differently but I put my back out coincidently and I’m not even sure how, but I just kept pushing it and now I’m struggling…..also managed to slice my finger but that’s another story!! 

It got me thinking that it’s four weeks till Christmas, and have you found yourself getting in a bit of a panic, not just about buying Christmas presents but about wanting to lose some weight for the Christmas parties and the over indulgence that is inevitably going to come!? So therefore are trying to do more training and maybe eat a lot less to get results as quickly as possible, therefore resulting in injury and feeling rubbish and then potentially going even more OTT using this time of year as an excuse!! I’m sure we have all done something similar! This is Almost the opposite of those people who are struggling to motivate themselves like I was talking about last week!! Where is that happy medium?

So set yourself some goals but be realistic about it. Don’t expect to lose a stone between now and Christmas, aim to lose a few pounds if that’s a goal and then maintain it over christmas so you can enjoy yourself without stressing.  Increase the distance that you are running or the speed you are running but don’t do it in a way which kills your love for doing it in the first place. Train or Run because you enjoy it not because you

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