The most important New Year’s resolution you will ever make

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If you’re resolving to take better care of yourself in 2016, then you are certainly not alone. More than two thirds of UK residents will make a New Year resolution when 2015 draws to a close to improve their fitness, lose weight or both.

Unfortunately, most people will fail to follow through with their new ambition to become fit. Over a third of those who sign up for gym membership at the start of 2016 will stop going by the end of January. Many of them will continue to pay for their gym membership even though they are not attending, wasting their cash.

So, how do you keep yourself motivated throughout the year so you don’t end 2016 feeling even more unfit and weighing more than you did when it started?

Get a partner

Don’t go it alone. If you do, you are much more likely to quit, as the only person you are accountable to is yourself. If you have a workout buddy, they will spur you on and you’ll want to spur them on as well. Additionally, a little friendly competition as to who can improve faster is a real benefit.

Find something you enjoy doing

While some people prefer to stick to a routine, others don’t. If you get jaded too quickly when it comes to your activities, then shake things up a bit.

Also, you’re hardly like to keep motivated if you are doing something you don’t enjoy. If you can’t bear running, then don’t do it and try cycling instead. If that doesn’t thrill you, then try a competitive sport.

Be positive

Going to a gym or just trying to improve your fitness is not easy. If it was, the streets would be full of super-slim, super-fit sports people. Try and stay positive, especially during those first few days and weeks which are the toughest.

Keep records – your weight, your body measurements, the weights you can lift, the length of time you can run … anything that can be measured. That way you’ll have evidence of your improvement and something to look back on. Success is addictive, and helps you to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Get a personal trainer

If you’re serious about getting fit, then get yourself a personal trainer. They will know what’s best for you, and how you should approach your fitness regime. They’ll encourage you to improve gradually, and their knowledge will help you prevent yourself from injuries or over-stretching what you’re capable of.

The service of a personal trainer are ten times more useful than simply turning up at a gym on January 2nd without a clue of what you should do.

Losing weight and keeping fit will – with a bit of hard work – leave you feeling great, looking great and will add years onto your lifespan. With the correct approach, you won’t be joining the thousands of people all across the UK with dormant gym memberships sucking cash out of their bank accounts every month!

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