Why do we Do it?

I have to say that it doesn’t seem to matter what time it is in the morning I get up, I’m rubbish at getting up! That mental battle in the morning of dragging myself out of bed is a nightmare, but when I’m up I’m fine, and the cold, bright mornings have been worth it…..as long as you wrap up.  I always wanted to exercise early in the morning to so I could get it over with and not worry about it through the day.  However, actually I’m rubbish at working out first thing so have learnt to give myself a break and exercise ideally late morning, but in the afternoon if I’m busy.

It made me think about how the motivation is waning for some, like I mentioned last week, and thought I’d question why do we exercise? I mean we know that it’s healthy for us, but so many people avoid it.  I’m hoping most of you will be saying, because I love it and because it makes me feel good……but I’m wondering actually how many of you actually do, or feel like it’s a chore, or feel like what’s the point as I’m not losing any weight, or I haven’t got time.  I’ve been there myself, and quite recently as well, fighting that mental battle of actually doing something when I’ve been out all day training other people.   However,  I remembered how much I enjoy exercise.  Yes it can be challenging sometimes, yes it can seem super cold and would rather be having a cup of tea on the sofa, yes it can be frustrating because you aren’t noticing any increase in fitness or weight loss after a couple of days!!!!!!  It does make you feel good though, losing yourself to some music whilst out for a run, or hiding your heavy breathing as you smash out a quick circuit.  That feeling of satisfaction whilst moving your body and afterwards when you have done knowing that you have taken another step to increasing lung capacity, keeping a healthy heart, burning some calories, creating lean muscle, and just feeling super chuffed with yourself.

So my question to you again is why do we exercise?  Not because I want to lose weight, but because I want it to be part of my lifestyle of feeling and being happier and better.

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