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Fancy a fun way of getting fit that doesn’t include costly gym membership?

Many people find the thought of joining a gym intimidating.  Standing next to someone dressed in black and orange Lycra, perfectly pink cheeked and size 10, confidently working through their routine.  Or the iron pumpers, with their massive biceps and tendency to view their reflection slightly longer than necessary.  Sounds familiar?

Well, don’t despair there is another way to work on your fitness.

Ever walked through your local park and seen people working out with a strange piece of equipment?

Kettle bells, basically are weights with handles on and were originally used in Russia in the 18th century for weighing crops. Some farmers realised their potential for building strength and they led to strong men competitions.  Probably the women, in those days were too busy working on the farm, putting food on the table and bringing up the children, to swing the kettle bells around.

I offer kettle bell classes, though my company Valkyrie because they offer a total body -work out, providing both strength and cardio training with minimal impact on joints.  They are available in a wide range of weights, which means they are suitable for all age and ability ranges. They mimic movements made in our daily lives and offer a wider range of movement than traditional weights.  Kettle bell workouts can burn more calories than a typical strength training session.

As with most fitness equipment, it is essential to use them properly to gain the most advantage from your work out and also to avoid injury. Kettle bells and DVDs are readily available to pick up on Amazon, but how will you know if your technique is correct?  Poor technique will not give you the benefits of a work out and an injury can put a stop your training sessions.   And most important, how will you know whether you are using the right weight for your ability and level of fitness? What happens when you want to move up to another weight? Or you realise that you have bought one that is too heavy for you?  It could end up as an expensive liability or slung somewhere in your garage, with the rest of latest ‘must- have’ fitness equipment.

When I run my kettle bell sessions, I work out the appropriate weight required for individual clients and then it’s a case of mastering the technique of swinging the kettle bells.  Once you are confident with your control and range of motion, then we can move onto exercises, which are stimulating and rewards effort.  I will work through a programme, which tests your cardio vascular fitness, builds strength and hones and tones various muscle groups.

What are the benefits of training with kettle bells?

Ketle bells are excellent as a piece of training equipment because they are efficient, fun and effective, helping you work on fitness needed for every day life scenarios, such as carrying bags of shopping, lifting children or putting the buggy in the boot of the car. They also offer the opportunity for clients who wish, to train for competitions or improve your fitness for your specialised sport, whether its running triathlons, weight lifting, playing tennis or rugby.

If you haven’t tried kettle bells yet, why not see why they are so popular?


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