It’s about getting fit, not fashion! Don’t let your outfit put you off

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Wearing the right clothes for training can have a big impact on how much you get out of your session.  As a society we are bombarded by the fashion industry to wear what ever is deemed to be on trend and endorsed by celebrities.  You only have to look at images on the Internet or their twitter feeds to see what is the must have look for the gym or running round Central Park.  Many of my experienced clients at Valkyrie have clothing, which is ideally suited for their training sessions and disciplines.

Does it matter what you wear?

Absolutely.  Wearing the right clothes is an important element of success and reaching your targets. The essential thing to remember is that you should not be guided by fashion but by practicality and ergonomics.  It’s how something works which matters and what it looks like is secondary.  Of course, these two often go hand in hand but here are some useful pointers to help you decide what to wear.



Technology has been a game changer for the fitness industry. Waterproof jackets are light and fantastic for keeping you dry and warm in the worst weather and there are now breathable synthetic fabrics, which are designed to pull sweat away from your body.  They are lightweight. They help you to stay cool when it’s hot and warm on cold days and nights.

Steer clear of fabrics that do not breathe.  These do not give your body the chance to cool down, keeping your body temperature too high during exercise.

Another consideration is how your sport or training will dictate the fit of your clothes.  If you are doing a yoga class you will require clothing, which allows for stretching and holding yoga positions, made from fabric that wicks the sweat away.

If you are a runner, you will need to consider factors such as trainers designed specifically for running, rather than a cross trainer.  And don’t forget socks.  Ignore this little detail and you will suffer from blisters. Your running gear should be made from fabric, which does not rub or chafe your skin and allow for movement.  Running and other disciplines do mean a good support bra is essential.  There are some excellent ones on the market and they are competitively priced.

Runners need to factor in safety when deciding what to wear. If you run early morning, at dusk or night it is imperative that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can see you.  Invest in several reflective vests. Be seen. Stay safe. Don’t become a statistic.

Different seasons will mean a change of gear. Protect yourself from the sun on hot days and in the winter protect your head and ears.  We are renowned for inclement weather in the UK and it is important you protect yourself against the elements.

Take these factors into consideration and it will make your training and fitness sessions more enjoyable. Whether you are out with your running club, on your bike or taking part in one of my Valkyrie training sessions in a local park, you will be glad you invested in the right gear. Wearing clothing, which allows movement and flexibility, will protect you from injury and you are less likely to duck out of sessions due to extremes of weather.  Rain or shine, you will be able to train with the appropriate gear.


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