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Whether you like to go for a jog in the woods or are training for something more demanding like a marathon, triathlon or an arduous Iron Man, you can always boost your performance with regular sports massage.

Why is this?

The benefits of sports massage therapy have been well documented and reputable research confirms the far-reaching affects of regular sports massage.  It plays an integral and important role in the life of most professional sports men and women.  Where once rugby teams, even at quite high levels, all bundled in a bath with one bar of soap, technology to track performance and science based complementary therapies, such as sports therapy have become an integral part of all disciplines of sport.

Professional sportsmen and women are a valuable commodity and specialised knowledge, once the preserve of the coaching team and physios who work wit elite athletes, to improve their fitness, hone their bodies and increase their ability to perform at a continuously high level, has now filtered down to all levels. Sportsmen and women, who strive to achieve and who turn out regularly for their local team or running club, can access therapies, such as sports massage.  This is not surprising because there is the same desire to achieve and succeed in all echelons of sport.

There is also the disappointment of coping with injury and the required rehabilitation to get back to fitness. While some of the more serious injuries are unfortunate and go with the territory of some contact sports, many soft tissue injuries can be avoided with sports massage.

Sportsmen and women can reach their goals and get better results by incorporating sports massage into their training programmes.  At Valkyrie I will help you identify your goals and targets and then factor in sports massage sessions, which will provide optimum benefit.

Sports massage can help you with:

  • A demanding training schedule
  • Increased range of movement, specific to your discipline
  • Maintenance of your body
  • Fitness for pre and post events
  • Reducing the chance of injury
  • Increased circulation to help the body’s healing process
  • Break down scar tissue and adhesions where there has been trauma
  • Minimising or removing the cause of pain
  • Increase energy levels
  • Engender a sense of well being which increases confidence and diminishes doubt and anxiety

The relationship between therapist and client is central to the success of sports therapy.  This relationship is built on trust and specific knowledge of your injury or desired goal.  By knowing you, I am able to structure a programme tailored to your needs and targets.  It also helps me monitor your progress and avoid potential problem, which may arise in the future.

Regular sports therapy also aids recovery and prevents the possibility of a recurrence of the injury.  No two clients are the same and one of the most important principles of sports therapy is to listen to you.  Your feedback is an essential part of the process.

Sports massage is also a very useful tool to help you understand your body and how it responds to training and competition.

Regular sports massage undoubtedly boosts your performance, reduces the risk of injury and makes participation infinitely more pleasurable, leading to success in your specific discipline.

Isn’t it time you thought about incorporating these sessions into your training programme?

If you have any personal training requirements, or would benefit from sports massage therapy, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07973 483314

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