Have you been an April Fool?

Hope you had a great Easter weekend.  I have to say I had the best weekend in a long time, made me realise the importance of enjoying life and doing things away from work (I have mentioned that before).  I went quad biking on the Saturday after bootcamp and then in the evening I went to see a trance dj at the Brixton Academy.  I knew it was going to be a late (or should I say early) one, so I was a bit worried about my stamina, but I was so excited to be out and haven’t had a good dance for a long time that I managed to last till 4am and apparently danced 6kms according to my health app.  Just goes to show!  Was just awesome what with a good family meal on Sunday, some chocolate Easter eggs and a trip to the cinema.  Perfect!

Anyway, with the clocks going forward I’m sure my mood has lightened as well. Worrying when you think how the weather can affect our moods, and how long the winter months can be. I realised that as much as I want my training regime to be quality so effective, I actually hadn’t really much of a plan, but literally just to get some training in.  I wanted to try a bit of boxing to help increase my fitness, to get back to running 10km in a decent time, and to increase my strength and mobility with yoga.  However, that’s not much of a plan and I’m being a bit of a fool to think I can achieve any of it with my head being all over the place with what I want.  Is that just me or can we all be a bit like that….I want it all?

So I’ve decided I’m going to concentrate on one main thing for a few weeks, see how it goes and then add something else in or change it up.  I’m also going to create a vision board of what I want to achieve.  Not just in training and the results but with life and business.  Maybe give it a go.  Create some focus for yourself.

This has all come about as I’m going to be taking part in a 5km Spartan race on Saturday 9th April, and I’m completely unprepared so even though my fitness will get me round, my lack of fitness and ability and lack of practice in certain areas will make it hard for me to do some of the obstacles, but it’s a challenge I need to face and a lesson to myself and hopefully some of you that we have to push through the boundaries sometimes and also put the work in…..just like these guys do every week!

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