Here comes summer – how to achieve that perfect beach body

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Warmer weather is approaching, which means coats and scarves are left on the coat pegs and more flesh is revealed, especially if you plan on spending time on the beach. Before the sun really starts to shine (hopefully – this is the UK, after all!), you’re going to want to lose your winter pounds so you look your best and feel your fittest when you’re wearing nothing but a bikini. Here are a few tips to help you shape up:

Set measurable goals

Success is easier to track if you’ve some way of measuring it. When it comes to fitness, measuring is easy – just count the number of press-ups you can perform in one minute, or the highest weight that you can perform ten reps with at your weight stations. Establish a baseline, then you can easily see improvements, which in turn will motivate you.

Prepare properly

The worst thing that can cause your quest for the perfect summer body to fail is injury. If you can’t exercise, then your health and fitness plan will be much less effective. Make sure that you warm up before your sessions, and warm down after them, by stretching and performing a little light cardiovascular work. Unprepared muscles are much more like to be strained and injured.

Ditch the shop-bought sarnies and coffee

Make time in the morning to prepare yourself a healthy lunch such as a turkey salad sandwich using brown bread with a few carrot and celery sticks thrown in. If you don’t take your own lunch to work, you’ll probably visit your work’s restaurant or a local shop instead. These always have tempting treats on offer, and before you know it you’ve downed crisps, chocolate and a sugar-infused cafe latte.

Loose the booze

There’s nothing worse for a weight-loss regime than alcohol. All forms of alcohol contain no nutritional value whatsoever and they simply help you to pile on the pounds. Try and keep off the booze completely while you are attempting to lose weight and become fitter. If you must drink, stick to vodka and diet tonic, with a splash of lemon or lime for added flavour. Make sure though that it’s nothing but an occasional treat, and not a daily habit.

Target the big guys

The bigger your muscles, the most calories your body will use and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight. However, not every gal wants to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Instead, target muscles that are naturally big, such as those in your legs. Squats and lunges are a great way to add tone and increase muscles mass.

Drink your quota

Water really is your friend when you’re trying to lose weight. It contains zero calories of course, and helps you feel fuller, for longer. Drink a glass of water before each meal and you’re less likely to over-indulge when you eat. Also, staying properly hydrated will really help you to feel your best and work harder when it comes to your summer body exercise routine.

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