Fatloss tips – better late then never!

Hey guys, just a quick newsletter this week to touch base and hoping you all had a happy Easter and hope you enjoyed the long weekend with some well earned indulgence which you obviously enjoyed every bit of rather then fret about it all.

However, I thought it be worth giving you some quick tips for fat loss which I find useful, and which will either be new to you or just a reminder as you drift into old habits.

So what works?  Apart from being in the right mindset and wanting to lose weight, you need to except it may be a challenge to start with and these guidelines may help you with that.

1. Take responsibility, if you choose to eat the cake, chocolate, crisps etc then except it’s not doing to help your journey.  You are accountable to you and if that’s difficult then make yourself accountable to someone else to help.

2. Set yourself realistic targets, rather then I’m going to lose a stone in a week (bit exaggerated), but you know what I mean. It’s a massive learning curve so don’t always believe those magazine headlines.  Give yourself a short target (lose 4lbs in four weeks), then a longer one.

3. Eat when your hungry, not when bored, tired, emotional (someone help me ha ha). Try and hold off for a bit if want to eat something and assess why.  A tough one to master but you will.

4. Write down and/or take photos of what you eat.  I always tell my clients to try my fitness pal or take photos and what’s app them to me so I can gage portion size etc.  We can lose perspective sometimes.  This can help to figure out patterns of over eating.

5. Don’t focus on what you can’t have.  This isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle choice or change and we all deserve a bit of something we fancy.  If you restrict it that is when you are likely to binge.

6. Monitor your progress by weighing (occasionally), take photos (really helpful as hard to see on yourself) and taking measurements every few weeks.

7. Patience.  It’s taken this long to get where you are so its not all going to be done overnight! This is lifestyle change so try and enjoy it and keep the continuity going.

Losing weight does take discipline but we get there in the end keep plugging at it, but enjoy a nice Easter egg  as well!


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