Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy and Remedial Massage for everyone

Massage is a form of healing that has been used since the beginning of civilization. It is very effective and there are no side effects. The public perceive sports massage as a therapy designed for elite sportsmen and sportswomen. However sports massage can form a very useful part of the health care regime for ordinary people.

Sports massage therapy is a specialised form of massage which uses specialised techniques which were designed to treat sportsmen who place great strain on their bodies.

Remedial massage is very similar to sports massage. Both use techniques aimed at healing superficial and deep tissues. Remedial massage is based on working soft tissue and targeting sensitive areas known as trigger points.

Sports massage for non-athletes

You might not be an athlete or sportsman but you may be putting your body through stress on a daily basis, probably without realising it. Many our us spend our days hunched in front of a computer. Everyday activities such as DIY, gardening, or playing a musical instrument can also cause unexpected strains and injuries.

Although sports massage was developed for individuals active in sporting competition, its techniques are also invaluable for us non-athletes to help us through our daily lives.

Massage is increasingly being combined with orthodox medicine and has been successfully used for a variety of conditions including: anxiety and panic attacks, childbirth, cancer and as part of pre and post-operative therapy.

How sports massage can benefit you

Sports massage has immediate physiological benefits. It works to eliminate tension and waste products that can cause you pain. Massage also assists your body to release endorphins, which will give you a natural high.

In addition sports massage will aid your body’s circulation, and will warm and stretch your muscles. This will give you a feeling of deep relaxation.

There are also important psychological effects of massage. After your massage is over you the relaxation induced will help reduce anxiety and leave you feeling fresh and energised. Massage has been very effective in reducing depression and it can also bolster your immune system.

Having your first sports massage

The sports massage therapist will take a brief medical history from you prior to the treatment.  The massage will last for about an hour and massage lotion may be applied to your skin. It is a good idea to come wearing casual clothes.

The massage therapist will work your body with varying massage techniques. These techniques and movements are designed to encourage the flow of blood and lymph. If you are injured, your body’s muscles will be tight and lacking in blood supply. The massage will transport oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to help remove waste products and facilitate repair and healing.

Sports massage will also help stretch muscles tissues which can be tense and knotted due to overuse or injury.

The frequency of your massage treatment depends on your particular circumstances. Some people like to have a session every week. Others are content with a session every few weeks.

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