Personal training. How you can leave the gym behind and train at home

For many of us, getting fit and losing weight means going to the gym. However there is another option: training at home. If you are used to working out at your local gym this will seem strange at first. However after you have tried it, you will open your eyes to another world of training.

Of course the majority of us will still need professional help and guidance on hand to keep us motivated and correct our form. Fortunately, a growing number of personal fitness trainers offer personal training at home as part of their services.


The benefits of working out at home


Saving time

If you work out at a gym, you will be spending time getting to the gym to do your workout, having to deal with busy traffic and public transport. We all lead increasingly busy lives and this is often time we cannot afford to waste. If you work out at home, your personal trainer will come to you.


Workouts on your schedule

If you are attending gym workouts, you may have to pick times which are not convenient to you. Many of us lead increasingly busy lives and are juggling many commitments. With home workouts, you can book a personal trainer to visit you at a time which suits you.



Working out at a gym can be uncomfortable as you often feel the eyes of other gym goers on you. Some of us are self-conscious of our bodies and we can work out more effectively in private. Some of us are very competitive and spend our time in the gym trying to impress others. This is not very productive as it can lead to a lack of concentration and the potential for injury.


Personal attention

When you are working out at home you will have the undivided attention of your personal trainer who will be able to tailor a program specifically to meet  you individual needs. The programme will be constantly adjusted as you progress, ensuring you receive the best return for your time and effort. Your trainer will also watch your exercise form to eliminate the risk of injury.


Opportunities for outdoor training

If you are working out at home you are not confined to exercising indoors. Your trainer can accompany you to your local park where you can enjoy working out in the open air whilst you enjoy the scenery. Variety is important in any workout, as it will keep you fresh and motivated.



You will be familiar with the chore of sitting around at the gym waiting for the machines to be free. This is not only a waste of time, but it is bad for your workout as your metabolic rate will drop while you are resting.

For home workouts, your personal trainer will come ready with a range of equipment for you to use. This can include free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells and medicine balls. Free weights and bands are actually better for your body than typical gym machines, as they allow your body to move more naturally as you exercise.



A personal trainer can be invaluable when it comes to determining and realising your fitness goals.

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