The rise in popularity of outdoor training AKA bootcamps

More and more people are leaving the confines of the gym to participate in outdoor training, also known as bootcamp training. Outdoor training offers a refreshing and invigorating approach to getting fit and losing weight. It is also very addictive. After taking your first bootcamp, you may never want to step foot in the gym again.


The familiar and boring world of indoor training

Indoor training has long been the staple of the fitness routines for most of us. You know the routine: apply for gym membership for £40 or so a month and feel smug about it. Then you have to drag yourself to the gym every week to face the same old walls and listen to some irritating music as you try and push your tired body through the same old exercises.

The problem with indoor training is that you are often working out alone and you have to motivate yourself unless you have a personal trainer.

Gyms are full of complicated machines which force your body to execute unnatural movements. It is not easy to work out how to use the machines in the first place. Once you have figured this out you will have to work out which combination of machines will work your body sufficiently to make progress.

Gyms will give you a generic gym programme to help you but these programmes will not be focussed on your particular needs and goals.

There are other gym users around and you will have to wait your turn on the machines, which is very disruptive and wastes time.

You might make some new friends at the gym and you can find yourself spending most of your time chatting with your new friends as you “rest” in between your sets.

As time goes on you often find your initial enthusiasm is waning and you are going to the gym less and less. You may even find yourself enquiring about how to cancel your contract.


The exciting world of outdoor training

With outdoor training you leave the dreary confines of the gym behind and venture out into green fields, blue skies and fresh air.

Outdoor training is group training. You will be with a group of other like-minded and committed people who you will support and who will support you in turn. This will really help you stay motivated and push through your limitations. Your will have a group instructor who will keep an eye on you and give you help and encouragement when you need it.

Exercising outside has great health benefits. Your body is exposed to vitamin D which will boost your immune system. Your body will be stimulated to release endorphins which will lift your mood and help you to feel fantastic. Breathing fresh air is also very beneficial. Much better than indoor air, which is of poor quality and high in pollutants.

Futhermore, exercising outside simply feels great. Every workout is an adventure. You will be moving your body across varying terrain, feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. As you workout you can enjoy the trees and the wildlife and all your stresses and worries will fade away.

Exercising outside is easier on your body. Your body is designed to run over green fields, not concrete floors. In contrast to the unnatural movements of the gym machines, you will be using natural movements, the kind of movements that your body was designed for. Because of the varied terrain, every workout will be different as you run across grass and mud and up and down hills. Your body will relish the challenge and your results will improve.

Outdoor training has become very popular in Bromley and there are many bootcamps to choose from.


The difference between who you are, and who you want to be is what you do

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