Toning after weight loss

Toning after weight loss

Sometimes we end up with a fairly dramatic loss of weight in a relatively short period of time. This could be due to illness or a change in dietary regime – such as a sudden intolerance to certain foods. You may have been diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten or dairy for example and find that you have lost lots of weight as a result of altering your diet. You may have been successfully dieting for a while and are now noticing the benefits, but also the looser skin it brings.

When you are back on your feet (if you were ill) or have found a new balance to your diet after a radical change, you will probably turn your attention to getting back into shape or dealing with the new thinner you that has suddenly appeared. Before doing any exercise, do check with your doctor first, particularly if you were unwell, so that you are not pushing your body too hard before it’s ready. If you get the go-ahead, then it’s time to feel even better by getting rid of the last bits of stubborn fat that may remain and toning up your body so that you look as good as you feel.

Is it loose skin or stubborn fat?

What you may think is loose skin still probably hides a bit of stubborn fat and until that’s properly gone you won’t be able to fully tone up. Target it by getting more cardio exercises into your life. This will get your heart rate up and help you burn any excess fat.

Build muscle

There is a popular belief that building muscle will inevitably lead to you looking a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You will only look like him if that’s what you’re working towards! Building lean muscle is all about incorporating resistance training into your exercise regime; by doing so you will burn fat (more so than with cardio alone) while toning your muscles. The result is a more toned body, with those lean muscles filling out the excess skin left behind when the fat was banished. Building lean muscle also helps with cell renewal giving you a healthier tone and glow – bonus!

Tighten up difficult spots

There are a few spots that we can target and tighten up, and they apply to both men and women. They include:

  • Legs, bums, and tums: try lunges and squats to target the legs and bum or use the leg press if you’re in the gym. For your tummy, leg raises, sit ups, crunches, and planks are great. Remember to do some twists to keep your waist trim as well.
  • Back, chest, and shoulders: push ups are the easiest way to target all three, while pull ups will work on your back and shoulders. You can also include some seated row exercises or bench presses.
  • Upper arms: tricep dips or using weights for targeting your triceps will sort these out for you.

Massage will also help to stimulate the blood flow so make sure to include that within your fitness regime where you can.

For advice and help on toning after weight loss, or if you would like a programme tailored just for you, talk to us at Valkyrie Personal Training and Massage. A quick call to us on 07973 483314 and we can get you on the right fitness track for you.

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