Get into good habits before winter sets in

Get into good habits before winter sets in

Are you looking forward to a few months of fun in the run up to Christmas? Relishing the idea of weekend lie-ins as the nights draw in and the weather gets increasingly colder? You don’t really have to do anything about getting into shape until the new year, right? A new year’s resolution will have you fighting fit and in the gym come January so you can afford to take a little time out now?

How about doing something different this year? Instead of waiting for January to make those resolutions when, let’s face it, everyone else is too and you’ll be queueing for the machines in the gym then give up when it takes forever to find a free treadmill to even get started on your workout, why not get into some good habits now? It’ll be much harder to get up for a 6am gym session in January when it’s freezing cold outside than to ease your way into it by starting now.

A few ideas and benefits to getting your exercise regime set now rather than waiting for next year:

  • Good habits are hard to break. Getting into good habits now will set you up not just for the winter, but for life. The evidence that exercise and staying active let us live longer and healthier lives is irrefutable with Sport England very clearly making the case for it in a way that is hard to argue with – exercise can reduce the risk of a number of chronic conditions ranging from mental health to heart disease and stroke. Once you integrate physical activity into your weekly routine you will find that muscle memory takes over and your body starts to enjoy and even crave that exercise if you skip a session.
  • Get out now while it’s still light and warm(ish). Good habits don’t form overnight, so start setting a routine for yourself now so that you are less likely to skip a day when the weather is foul or you had a tough day. Perhaps set aside Tuesdays for exercising? What else is there to do on a Tuesday? Or a Monday? Even better, add a Saturday morning to kick-start your weekend. Get rid of the week’s stress, Friday night’s hangover, and get up and out on a Saturday so that you are raring to go the rest of the weekend.
  • Join a regular class. Joining a class gives you that incentive to turn up (especially if there are financial penalties for last-minute cancellations) and get sweating. Being guided through a set routine, or sharing the hard work with others in the class can be a good motivator and before you know it you don’t want to miss the class because you enjoy it, and what it does to your body and mind, too much!
  • Get a trainer to help you. A trainer can be the difference between sticking to a fitness regime or giving up in the first month. They can help you target your exercise to meet certain goals or teach you a few key exercises and tricks to get into a good routine and stick to it.

By the time January comes around, you will be half-way to your goals and relishing exercise day. Unlike all the others who are trying to find their rhythm, you will breeze through your workout without a second thought about how to get that summer beach body. And you won’t be quitting before the month is out!

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or a kick-start to your fitness regime, talk to us at Valkyrie Personal Training and Massage. A quick call to us on 07973 483314 and we’ll have you up and out before you have time to think twice about it!

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