New Year New You….again!

2017 is finally upon us and I am pleased and I am feeling super motivated, despite feeling tired and sounding like I took up smoking over Christmas!

I’m keeping it short and sweet again this week as I’m sure you have had some time to reflect over the last year and have great intentions for the new year.  However, I just want you to keep it short and sweet as well, and maybe have one resolution which you know you can achieve and then set another one.  We can all lose weight and we all generally know what to do, but can we sustain it?

It’s time to start focusing on what we should be doing or eating rather then what we shouldn’t be, create the right energy, and change how you feel about yourself, because it’s only when you change your internal makeup that the external stuff starts to happen, and it’s taken me a long time to get that!

I’m not trying to get too deep here, but I know for myself my life was on hold last year….I’ll be happy when I get pregnant, when I lose 2 stone, when I do 5 chin ups…….does that sound familiar?  Well some of it ha ha! You know what I mean though, it’s time to stop the negative self chatter and start loving what is, that way you are happy, more content and it starts to reflect on your external self and you reach the outcome you have been aiming for!

Reassess what you actually want and lets starting achieving it and make it stay.

Here’s to a fab 2017……and of course get training with me and let’s smash this journey together!

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