Why focusing on your core is one of the best things you can do

You can’t have escaped hearing about ‘the core’. It’s everywhere – in gyms, magazines, TV adverts, you have probably even overheard a colleague say something about ‘working on my core in the gym last night’. There is a reason why having a strong core is important. In fact, there are several. Building a strong core is the main building block for a number of day-to-day activities as well as keeping you fit and helping you do other forms of exercise. This month we take a look at our top five reasons for building a strong core and why we always include core exercises into all our workouts.

1. Prevent injury

You have both deep and superficial core muscles in your body. Those deeper muscles give you the stability to move freely and without injury while doing simple things such as walking or running, while the superficial ones will give you added strength. Working on the deeper core muscles closer to your spine to build up that stability is the first step, followed by targeting the shallower muscles (what you see as your six pack) to build strength is what will help you prevent injury now and long into the future.

2. Protect your organs and central nervous system

Your core muscles give your body an added layer of protection for your internal organs and central nervous system. Keeping a strong core will protect those organs as well as your spinal cord, veins, and arteries by building a solid wall in front of them. Strong core equals protected spine and more flexible movement letting you go about your day.

3. Strengthen your back

Your core is not just made up of abdominal muscles. It also includes your obliques (those diagonal side muscles) and your back ones too. Often when people experience back pain it is as a result of an imbalance in strength between those muscle groups. Working on them all equally will ensure that they are what is supporting you, not your spine or one side of your body compensating for another and causing pain and injury.

 4. Achieve better balance

A strong and balanced core can add inches to your height! It makes you stand tall and proud, giving you a new-found confidence that you are no doubt also feeling with all those exercise-induced endorphins racing through your body. For those who spend their day sitting in the car or at a desk hunched over a computer a strong core will provide that balance to your body and maintain a healthier posture.

 5. Better breathing

Last, but not least, a strong core will lead to better breathing. This is because your diaphragm, which sits at the top of your core muscles, is also strengthened as you work on those muscles. Breathing from your diaphragm is a deeper breath, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

For more top tips on why your core is important, or better still, for some good workouts for your core muscles, give our team at Valkyrie Personal Training and Massage a call today on 07973 483314 and we’ll get you fit!

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