Keeping to an exercise regime when you are on holiday

Just when you got into a good exercise regime and habit it’s time to go on holiday. You have worked hard for months to get into shape and you’re looking forward to showing off your beach body and enjoying how good it feels to be fit and healthy this year. Going on holiday does not mean that you have to put exercising on hold though. You may not be able to follow the same routines that you have back home, but you can still stay active and keep that body working so that you don’t feel like you have taken a few steps back when you do get home. Let’s look at how you can do this and stay on track with your exercising patterns.

Do some planning ahead

If you are going on a two-week holiday, you have a fair idea of what you want to do in that time. Visit museums, do some sightseeing, spend some quality me-time on a beach? No problem. That still leaves you with plenty of time to fit in some training. You will already know whether you prefer exercising in the morning or evening so you can fit in an hour before or after your day starts to get some exercise.

Plan some exercise time

You want to set aside some time and have that at the back of your mind as your ‘training time’. If you normally train for four or five days per week you want to be realistic and reduce that to two while on holiday. You can still fit in some shorter sessions, but your core sessions should be set aside as much as possible. Even the best laid plans can go awry though so don’t beat yourself up if your other half plans a full-day tour as a surprise! Work with it and move your training to another day. Alternatively, opt for a hike instead and do something completely different. Hiking is an excellent way of working with your body and ability as you can make it gentle or challenging.

Find a gym

Your hotel may already have some training facilities, but if not many towns and cities have gyms that offer a day pass. This gives you the opportunity to use all the facilities and get a full training workout in if that’s what your body wants. Alternatively, swimming either in a hotel or gym pool or in the sea is another excellent whole-body workout combining cardio and strength training. Yoga classes are everywhere too if that is more your thing.

Mini workouts

Your sessions need not be long or complicated. They don’t have to rely on finding suitable facilities. Ten minutes each day in your hotel room will be enough to keep your body and mind going. You could opt for a HIIT session if you know what you are doing, or just do some push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. If you are familiar with using resistance bands, take some with you and use them; they are possibly the easiest exercise prop to pack!

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