Slow down and enjoy the ride!

Slow down!!?!?! What does that mean?

In this day and age I think there are very few people who actually take a moment to stop, breathe and see what’s happening around them.  I am guilty, and I think it is only in recent weeks that I have maybe thought, perhaps I need to reevaluate things.

How I run my business?
How I spend ‘me’ time (do I do ‘me’ time?)?
How are my workouts going?
Do I even enjoy my training?
Do I like what I’m eating, because I tend to shovel it down whilst doing something else?
Do I spend enough ‘quality’ time with my loved ones?

I can hear you saying, I don’t have time for all that evaluation! ha ha!  This isn’t supposed to be an email to depress you, it’s supposed to lift you up and motivate you to maybe make small changes! I know you will like this one. Reduce the time of your workout!  Maybe during the week you try to cram in a workout at lunch, along with showering and eating!  Well how about half an hour of high intensity, quality training, what about twenty minutes.  You can make every minute count and you will feel more satisfied then a gentle jog on a treadmill or on the streets.  That gives you time to enjoy your lunch, to have a slightly less stressful shower where you are rushing so much you just carry on sweating!

At the weekend, do some sort of activity with loved ones, so you keep on moving yet enjoy the time together, and if a nice day soak up some nature on a walk or bike ride…..I think Spring is nearly here!!

If you don’t enjoy being in the gym come and try and outdoor training session, try something different, if you don’t enjoy it you will never keep it up.  I did some boxing for the first time in years the other day and I loved it, so will definitely try and start incorporating that in my weekly training.

Hopefully I haven’t gone off on too much of a tangent but enjoy the ride…even if it does involve burpees, followed by squat jumps, followed by moutain climbers, followed by lunges!!!!

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