When life kicks you in the balls!

Sorry for being a bit quiet, life literally kicked us where it hurts last week, and I think we could have contended quite easily with an episode from Eastenders ha ha!  So trying not to be too deep but,  I guess it has taught me a lot about how I deal with things (not always that well), how it effects my training and my eating (not in a good way), how everyone has to deal with their own s**t, how we need to give ourselves a break sometimes (because let’s face it we can be a bit hard on ourselves from time to time and expect a lot), but most importantly how important and awesome my friends, family and clients are. 

All these combined made me realise that actually it is important to be grateful for these things, as we do take things for granted, and also having a close network of one or many friends is important for everyone, whether to help in times of need, to encourage one another to carry on with whatever it is (be it fitness, or weight loss, or something in life), or just to have someone to listen and talk to.

I couldn’t recommend it enough, and you forget how beneficial it is, and again how grateful we should be for the small things.

It always seems to be a bit of a learning curve out there, no matter what age.  Keep pushing for the positive, keep striving to be better, and learn from what you experience, from your friends and family, and what you do.

What did I learn……pizza with jalapeños is not my friend ha ha!

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