How do you Focus?

This photo is perfect for depicting what a rubbish half term week it has been, cold, wet and miserable…..but hey we can smile and do some press ups as it’s not that bad really is it, we can find ways of fitting in exercising and maintaining that routine and focus!

How have you been doing with trying to establish the new habits and creating that consistency to reaching your goals and I’m guessing feeling better and healthier in yourself.  Did last week inspire you?  This made me think about a couple of conversations I had about meditation this week, and actually heard it on Radio X this morning weirdly.  When it was first suggested to me about doing meditation it was by my business coach and I have to be honest I was like….really?? Isn’t it a bit airy fairy? However I thought I would give it a go as apparently all the entrepreneurs do it, and all you have to do is take ten minutes out of your day, either by listening to relaxing music or there is a good app called Headspace, as well as others you can download.

It really helps you focus your mind, especially good for people like me who struggle to concentrate and have a million and one things going on in my head so I’m incapable of focusing on anything and therefore achieve nothing and have a tendency to procrastinate! It’s hard at first to switch off, but you just have to practice and bring yourself back to the moment I guess.

it’s a great way of starting the day and reinforcing positive thoughts, other benefits include:
1. creating inner calm throughout the day
2. reduce anxiety and depression
3. improve brain function and memory
4. reduce stress
5. help sleep

I really do recommend you trying it and learning to focus your mind and help in all aspects of life.  I hold my hand up and don’t do it enough, but I do know I feel calmer, I remember things better and feel inspired to do stuff.  So download the apps, put some relaxing music on and focus on your breathing and pushing out all the noise in your head.  If you are bad then try looking at a candle flame for a couple of minutes and pushing away thoughts and gradually try and increase the time.

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