Consistency is key……yes I am harping on again!

This is one of my clients who has been training with me for a few years now, she is the model client as she regularly trains, always went to classes like spin, different HIIT sessions and of course bootcamp.  However, she has struggled to shift weight for a while and also after a bad bout of illness.  I’ve always tried to give nutrition guidelines and said that she should do more heavy lifting then smashing herself to bits in different classes, but the penny finally dropped with some extra guidance and actually a way of making the the nutrition side easier for her.  This isn’t the cheapest option by any means as it involved using a company called Fresh Fitness Food, who do the work for you by working out your calories and macronutrients according to your size and goals and then either supply all your meals and snacks for you or just what works for you.  Great if working all day everyday and you haven’t got time or don’t want to spend your free time preparing meals.  It’s a great way of getting you started so you become aware of portion sizes and knowing what you can eat just by looking at the quantity in front of you.   It’s only people like me that generally enjoy working macronutrients out, but sometimes it’s nice to just have it there!!

So by changing her diet to adding more protein, eating more consistently and incorporating some more weight training into her sessions, she has dropped 7kg over a couple of months.  Such an awesome achievement and emphasising just how important eating the right foods consistently is, especially as you start on your journey.

I can even say myself that having now got a little consistency back into my life with at least 2 weight sessions and a HIIT session a week, and more controlled eating I have lost 5kg (11lbs) in the last couple of months (still a little more to go to get back to where I was before I had my comfort eating phase!!!!).

This was my light bulb moment (happens occasionally), and like I mentioned earlier it is stuff that I know inside out, but why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to lose all the weight now! Yes it would be fab to drop two stone in a week, but actually time goes so quickly anyway, if you lose a pound a week consistently over say 6 months, that’s 24lbs, that’s about 12kg, that’s nearly 2 stone.  How much better would you feel about it as it was a journey that became habitual and not a chore!

Why try and hammer the streets with your feet when you don’t enjoy it (great if you do) when you know that actually by increasing the weights and incorporating short, sharp bursts of intense training you can get even better results……my client hates running!
So the moral of the story:

Eat well consistently
Train with quality rather then quantity consistently
Sleep well
Enjoy the process


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