Commitment to Consistency

Commitment to consistency eh! That sounds a bit serious…well it is and it isn’t.  I think I just want to go over some  home truths really as I am as guilty as the rest of you, that is if weight loss, or struggling to train, or feeling generally unhappy is an issue!  It’s sad to think that a lot of us have something holding us back or feel like that aren’t living the sort of life they want to be.

I basically live the tale! I’ve said it before, seeing as we are getting up close and personal now, I’m not the size I want to be, I’m not as fit as I’ve been or as I would like to be, and it’s my job to look the part, but I’ve struggled consistently to commit to consistency….this could get confusing!  This year has especially been eye opening, but also in a good way!!

My commitment to my clients and to you is to help you with your fitness and health journey!  To encourage and motivate you by showing you and also by learning from my mistakes, that I am just like you or maybe worse.  So I’m not telling you to cut out this and that, and do more and eat less. I’m telling you to make a commitment to yourself whether it be to commit to getting up ten minutes earlier, to commit to at least two half hour training sessions a week (if not doing anything), to commit to definitely drinking a glass of water in the morning and in the evening.

We live busy lives, for most of us family comes first, but start with the basics (as mentioned in my Facebook video if watched it), make small changes and put it in the diary as part of your routine! Think about it, if you consistently pick after dinner whilst you are watching tv or because bored then changes to your body aren’t going to happen.  If you consistently go to bed at midnight and get up at 5.30am you are going to be tired and won’t want to do anything else.  If you consistently do press ups with dodgy technique (did I mention I watched my press ups on video and realised I’ve got into some really bad habits) then they aren’t going to be as efficient as could be.  So make the commitment to one thing, and then to something else and try and change those habits!

I know I’m probably repeating myself but we all need reminding again….and again….and again….

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