Sports massage: Five powerful benefits for fitness

Whether training for a marathon or setting out in the body building world, sports massage packs an almighty punch in the numbers of benefits it delivers. Here are five of the most compelling.

1. Sports massage will help soothe the pain of an injury (and reduce the chance of it reoccurring)

Not only does sports massage alleviate the pain caused from an injury by breaking down microscopic muscle fibres, it can also drive down the potential risk of suffering a further injury by breaking down scar tissue.
Additionally, the Journal of Physiotherapy found that muscle fatigue was reduced when sports massage was enjoyed regularly – and this particular study was for one of the most gruelling sporting events in the world – the Ironman Triathlon (and if anyone knows about muscle pain and fatigue, it’s Ironman triathletes).

2. Sports massage will get you back on the track or back in the gym more quickly

As the case study above goes to show, muscle fatigue happens to the best of us; sports massage overcomes this by eradiating waste products that otherwise store in our muscles (such as lactic acid and carbonic acid – two biological nasties that are responsible for the stiffness and soreness in your muscles post work-out day). Ultimately sports massages can help dissipate these products – allowing you to enjoy shorter recovery periods.

3. Sports massage will increase your flexibility (and push you through your plateau)

Those who are committed to hardcore workouts and stringent gym routines may be improving their fitness, but in the process of hard training, they’re also contributing to their tissues becoming hard and inflexible. This can ultimately lead to a plateau in performance (and plenty of frustration). Sports massage will overcome this by thoroughly stretching out any inelastic tissues.

4. Sports massage will stretch you all the way out

Sports massage can stretch tissues that may have previously remained un-stretched for a considerable time, in the process, muscles fibres are stretched sideways and lengthways. This helps to both release tension and pressure – ideal for the hard-hitting gym addict or body builder.

5. Sports massages can help treat a whole host of health inflictions

If you needed any further a reason to consider sports massage from a health perspective, then here are three: from assisting in lowering blood pressure, to addressing chronic back pain and onto the reduction of stress and anxiety, sports massage is somewhat of a single handed assistant for many varying conditions.

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