Lost all motivation?

Negative thoughts keep popping into your head?

Here are some of the reasons we all put off exercising and how to turn it around

There are lots of other reasons why people lose their motivation such as:

  • Time
  • Bored of the same routine or run round the block
  • Feel like those goals are not achievable?
  • Peer pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • Family commitments and demands

These are all valid, but they are not reasons.  Let’s be honest and give them their proper name. Excuses.

Number one is the most frequently heard.

I don’t have the time

Sounds a reasonable enough excuse. After all there are only so many hours in the day.  It justifies putting life and fitness on hold. I know because I have been there, which is why I know its not even a reason. It’s an excuse. There is a very simple way round this one.  Just for one day, jot down or make a mental note of the time you allocated to tasks and chores. It’s similar to the diary people keep when they are trying to lose weight.  It exposes those sneaky bars of chocolate. Opening the fridge quietly to devour a piece of delicious cheddar cheese.  Somehow it doesn’t seem to count if no one sees the crime. But calories, which are consumed in secret, still find your hips, tum or butt.

Time management works on the same principle. We can have a perception of being busy.  We kid ourselves there are not enough hours in the week, but if you keep a log for just one day, you will be surprised. How often did you check onto Facebook?  After all, how long does it take to read a few posts, click a few Likes or share something amusing?  Even if its only 5-10 minutes, I bet you checked in a few times during the day.  Texts. Twitter. Snap chat. Instagram.  They are all great fun and there is a positive side to social media.  I use it as a motivational training tool for my Valkyrie clients but too much of these social media platforms become  ‘stealers of time’ deflecting us from the important things in life. Like getting fit and into shape.  Social Media can still be part of your day, but ration it.

Another devourer of your precious time, it shares your home. Sits in the corner of your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.


Yes, the big flat screen calling you when you are tired.  Why not watch some easy viewing?  Or catch up on something you watched last week?  Or why not go the whole hog and get the laptop out and catch up on the latest ‘must see’ box set. The thing is, the fitter you are, and the less tempted you are to crash out of your comfortable sofa.  And once there, well what’s the harm in having a packet of crisps?

Why not make a list of the most important goals you want to achieve.  Pin it on the fridge (yes, the one with the yummy cheddar on the top shelf).  You might surprise yourself and it will help you ditch all those excuses, which act as a barrier to getting back into training and getting fit.

Overcome these obstacles with my help and encouragement. Valkyrie training requires commitment, but together we can find your motivation.  Re-ignite that spark and get you back on track.

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn round and give up.  Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.  (Michael Johnson – Basketball legend)

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