High Intensity Training

Do you like the sound of getting fit and back into shape, without endless hours in the gym or sweating on the running machine?

Why not try High Intensity Training?

HIT is an effective way of training, which achieves better results from fewer training sessions.

Sound too good to be true?


The fantastic thing about HIT is that it works. In simple terms, it is a training technique which demands maximum effort through intense, quick bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods, of less intense activity. This workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the high intensity stage, which causes a shortage that is supplied during the recovery stage. This is the reason why you will burn more fat and calories than staying on the running machine, working at a steady pace. In fact you could stay on the running machine all afternoon and it would not be as effective as HIT.

This form of intense training places a certain amount of stress on the body, which needs time to recover between HIY sessions. Most people on HIT programmes should train no more than three non-consecutive days per week.

Is it safe?

Any form of training needs to take into account your physical well being and anyone considering a change in life style, incorporating fitness training should discuss this with their doctor. For the vast majority, working on cardio vascular fitness is an important component of a healthy regime. HIT increases your metabolism, which means you are burning fat after you have finished exercise.  Weight loss is not only good for your heart; it puts less strain on your joints, increases your self-esteem and gives you a physiological boost.

What equipment do I need?

The advantage of HIT is that sessions can be carried out in your home, place of work or in the local park. Very little equipment is needed and I supply anything that might be required for the session.  The sessions are varied and even when doing jump squats, sit-ups or tricep dips, I am there to encourage you and push you to maximise your potential and reach your goals.

I work closely with all my clients to ensure each programme works for them. I know how hard it is and I am passionate about HIT because it has been proven to work for all levels of fitness. I am always honest with my clients and this form of training, as with most others, requires commitment. But the advantage is that it can fit in with our hectic lifestyles when time is a precious commodity.  How exciting is it to know that less training can still deliver your fitness, weight loss or muscle tone and definition?

So the next time you seem to spend all your time in the gym, lifting weights or on the running machine, remember there is a better way. Think HIT. It’s quick, it’s convenient and it achieves tangible results.

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