Four great reasons to take your fitness regime outdoors

Four great reasons to take your fitness regime outdoors

When the warm months finally arrive, the last thing you want to do is head to the gym. Instead, you are more likely to want to head to the nearest pub garden or park and sit back and relax in the sunshine. However enjoyable lazy summer days are, they don’t help us to achieve our fitness goals. So how do you make the most of the sunshine and achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle?

The answer is simple.

Take your fitness regime outside.

Exercising outdoors is a great way to get the best of both worlds, by hitting your fitness targets and making the most of the summer. However, training outside also brings a significant number of benefits too, here are four of the best reasons why you should swap training in the gym to exercising in the great outdoors.

Four great reasons why you should exercise outdoors

 1. Add some much-needed vitamin D

Taking your workout outdoors is an excellent way to transform those sun rays into some vital vitamin D for your body. Vitamin D is full of incredible benefits. Just twenty minutes of exercising in sunlight can boost your vitamin D levels which help to;

 2. Vary your workout

If you predominantly exercise in the gym, then heading outdoors to complete your workout will inevitably give you a variation on your workout. Instead of pounding the treadmill, go for a run in the countryside. The uneven terrain and gradient will push your muscles to work harder, and the landscape and view will give your brain more stimulation too.

Regardless of your exercise routine, taking it outside will push your body in different ways. If you’re stuck in a training rut, an outdoor session may be just what your body and mind need.

 3. Feel happier

The sunshine doesn’t just help to boost your vitamin D intake; it also helps your body to release feel-good chemicals. As UV light from the sun enters the body, it releases endorphins, most notably the chemical serotonin which is well-known to lift your spirits and improve your social behaviour.

Coupled with the endorphins released during exercise, you may find that you feel much happier and energised as well as noticing improved sleep, memory and general body functionality. So, if you have the blues or something troubling you, then find a sport or take a walk in the outdoors and feel the positive power of nature and exercise in one quick swoop.

 4. Relax

If you regularly pump iron in the gym or sign up to a boxercise class to release the tension of the day then exercising outdoors is ideal for you. Taking your fitness regime into the countryside can significantly improve your mood and mental health. If possible head to a woodland, lake or fields not only to enjoy the fresh air, peace and tranquillity but the proven psychological benefits too.

If intense workouts aren’t for you then why not try outdoor yoga or pilates?  The soothing sounds of nature are guaranteed to focus your mind and give you a greater sense of wellbeing.


Try it today

 If you want to feel all the benefits of an outdoor fitness session, but don’t know where to start, then why not join our outdoor group training sessions? They are fun and enjoyable sessions that get your muscles working and meeting new like-minded people. If you want to find out more visit our website or call Hannah on 07973 483314.

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