Morning Fun!

I was going to write about motivation and exercise today as that change in temperature certainly challenges us, however I think I’m actually going to go off on a bit of a tangent after experiencing a rugby training session tonight and making me think about what it is that I do and actually how important it is.

Now I guarantee that if you are reading this you probably are thinking exactly what I was thinking about a ladies rugby team!! And there was your stereotypical rugby girls there.  But this was a taster session for a lot of girls, and there were a lot of girls there of all shapes and sizes and it was actually really good fun.  I have to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it, and I’m not going to be playing rugby just because of other commitments, but it was so nice for me to participate in a team activity and get that adrenaline pumping and time just disappearing.

This is what I want to create with my outdoor training sessions, and I think we are getting there.  The workouts are challenging (I’m almost sure of it), and fun (questionable),  we have created a nice little community that enjoy going out together as well, and it is done in an environment which is good for our health, fitness and lifestyle…..yep even the occasional meet up at a pub sessions.  The rugby girls are still pretty traditional with their pizza, pint and fag mentality after a game ha ha!

I just don’t think you get this in a gym all the time because it can be too competitive (in what you are wearing), and intimidating.  Don’t get me wrong some people love just having their own space to clear their heads etc, but a lot of us aren’t as motivated as that and need the extra push not just from a trainer but from others as well.  Crossfit is another good example of creating a likeminded community…..just a lot more intense at times.  I think we have that happy medium.

So all I am saying is think about it, think about coming along, if you aren’t already.  Think about what motivates you to train (not feeling guilty by eating that cake or drinking that wine).  What is going to help you train?  Just do it!!

Don’t forget our Charity Superhero bootcamp for Diabetes this Saturday 29th October at 9.30am at Whitehall Rec, Bromley! Dress up as a superhero or pay the price!!!!!

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