Change of Season…..change in you!

The mornings are getting darker as are the evenings but am I going to moan about it? No! I’m going to embrace the change and focus on the fact that the seasons are changing so can start wearing some different clothes, get wear of my jumpers, not moan about it feeling too hot to train, enjoy the cosyness of the evenings and embrace the quiet of the mornings! We adapt so easily anyway and it happens without you realising and before you know it’s just back to the routine and it’s just a bit darker…..for longer.

I’m not going to mention anything about the countdown to Christmas ?££&/!2£:!&, but people are aware of putting on some extra pounds during all the socialising over the summer months, so I had a little weight loss evening with some of my clients aiming to give them some ideas and motivation to encourage them to get back on track and stay on track with simple lifestyle changes.

It was a lovely evening with a lot of chat and going off on tangents, but I think what came mostly from the evening was:

  1. Be prepared
  2. Eat more protein, have it at every meal
  3. If you eat bad, you feel bad, if you eat good food, you feel good!
  4. I also make really nice egg muffins!

I demonstrated that eating well doesn’t have to be a chore and that mindset is incredibly important.

I love the community of clients that I have and hope we keep building and having people join us. I would definitely do another evening like this for some extra info and tips.

I shall be introducing a new outdoor training session at Whitehall rec on Thursdays at 9.15, so spread the word come and trial it out and let’s kick autumn into touch with our consistent love for the outdoor training.

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