Why stretching should be a part of every workout

Stretching before and after a workout may be seen by some as an unwelcome distraction from the workout itself. However, stretching should be an integral part of every workout session due to the wide range of health benefits stretching provides. There...
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Commitment to Consistency

Commitment to consistency eh! That sounds a bit serious…well it is and it isn’t.  I think I just want to go over some  home truths really as I am as guilty as the rest of you, that is if weight loss, or struggling to train, or feeling generally...
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Have you been an April Fool?

Hope you had a great Easter weekend.  I have to say I had the best weekend in a long time, made me realise the importance of enjoying life and doing things away from work (I have mentioned that before).  I went quad biking on the Saturday after bootcamp...
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